Incomplete – Didactic Courses

  1. Any student who receives an incomplete grade in a didactic course will meet with the Director of Didactic Education, and/or the course instructor to develop an Action Plan to guide the student and spell out terms of how and when the course work will be completed. In general, a student has three weeks following the end of the quarter to complete missing course-work. In rare circumstances, the Program Director may authorize a longer period of time for missing coursework to be completed for an incomplete (I) course.
  2. The student, the Director of Didactic Education, and the course instructor sign the Action Plan, which is placed in the student’s file. If the student fails to meet the terms of the Action Plan, the student will receive a failing grade for the course and will be brought to the Student Progress Committee for evaluation.
  3. Any incomplete course may affect financial aid eligibility and the student may incur additional tuition and/or costs.