Academic Probation Policy

Academic Probation Policy

SPAS has academic progression policies in place to ensure all students are meeting the specific goals and learning outcomes for each course and are qualified to progress within the Program. A student is considered in good academic standing at a given time if they have earned a "P" (pass) for all courses to date, have at least one reassessment opportunity remaining, scored within two standard deviations on the didactic PACKRAT exam (if applicable), passed the EOC summative exam (if applicable), and have not required extended learning for any course or rotation.

Academic Probation

SPAS does not use the term "probation" as all students must pass each course to continue within the school.

Academic Warning

A student is considered on "academic warning" if they have used all three reassessment opportunities for written or skills exams during the didactic phase, scored below two standard deviations on the didactic PACKRAT assessment, or have been required to complete extended learning for any course or rotation.  A student will also be placed on Academic Warning if they fail the written summative End-of-Curriculum Exam. Academic Warning will be noted on a student's transcript but will be removed when the student successfully completes all program requirements. A student on academic warning may be asked to step down from leadership positions, if applicable, so they can focus on their academic success.