Leave of Absence Policy (LOA)

  1. A student may request a leave of absence from the school for extenuating personal reasons for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 180 days.
  2. The request must be made in writing to the SPAS Program Director using the Application for Leave or Withdraw form located on the portal.
  3. The SPAS Program Director will discuss the request with the Director of Didactic or Clinical Education as appropriate and the student’s academic advisor. If it is determined that the leave should be granted, an action plan will be developed for the student’s return and the plan will be reviewed with the student. Depending on the nature of the LOA, a Level II Academic Review with the Student Progress Committee may be convened.
  4. If a leave of absence is granted during the didactic phase, the student will not be permitted to complete any coursework for the remainder of the didactic phase and must restart with the next cohort. If the start date for the next cohort is greater than 180 days from the time of the request, the student may be required to withdraw from the program and return with the next cohort.
  5. If a leave of absence is granted during the clinical phase, the Director of Clinical Education will meet with the SPAS director to develop an action plan for the student’s return and may convene a Level II Academic Review if deemed necessary. The action plan may address such issues as when the student may return, rotation sequencing, delayed graduation dates, incomplete grades, completion of clinical phase courses, or other relevant information. A student may be placed on Leave of Absence during the clinical phase for failure to report to an assigned clinical rotation per the Academic Performance and Progression Policy.
  6. All action plans are approved in advance by the SPAS Program Director and signed by the Director of Didactic/Clinical Education, the student, and the student’s academic advisor.
  7. The SPAS Program Director will notify the VP for Student Affairs who will meet with the student to process the leave of absence and notify University officials of the student’s status.
  8. A student who fails to meet the terms of the leave of absence action plan may be dismissed from the school. In these situations, the Student Progress Committee would convene to review the student’s performance and make a recommendation concerning the student’s continuation in the school.
  9. During a LOA, the student is not covered under University malpractice or liability insurance policy.

Refer to the Extended Absence policy in the University Catalog for additional information regarding the different kinds of leave.