Academic Performance and Progression Policy

The goal of the School of PA Studies is to provide an educational experience through which students may become confident and competent clinicians. The School faculty members are responsible for providing students with educational opportunities that allow the students to meet this goal. The School is also responsible for protecting the public’s welfare by requiring that all students who graduate from the School meet or exceed the established minimum performance levels.

Each course within the School of PA Studies curriculum has specific goals and learning outcomes which will be evaluated. These are spelled out in the course syllabus, which is shared with students at the beginning of each course. Students undergo frequent evaluation to ensure they are acquiring the specific goals and learning outcomes for each course and are prepared to continue progression within the School.

The School uses a “Pass”/“Fail” system of recording student achievement. In order to receive a “Pass” (designated as “P” on the transcript), a student must achieve a minimum score of 80% for each course in the didactic phase. Course grading is outlined in each course syllabus. The student must earn a “Pass” in every course in the didactic phase in order to progress to the clinical phase. The student must earn a “Pass” in every clinical rotation and course, as defined in each syllabus, to successfully complete the clinical phase, including the Masters Capstone Project. In addition to completing all didactic and clinical requirements of the PA program, the student must “Pass” a comprehensive assessment referred to as the Summative Evaluation to be eligible for graduation from the School.

The School of Physician Assistant Studies makes reasonable accommodation for students with a documented learning disability.