Incomplete – Clinical Rotations

Any incomplete course may affect financial aid eligibility and the student may incur additional tuition and/or costs.

Incomplete grade due to failure to complete assignments:

  1. Any student who receives an incomplete grade for not completing required assignments has 7 (seven) calendar days from the conclusion of the clinical rotation to complete the work for the previous rotation. 
  2. Any student who fails to complete the assignments within the allotted 7 days may be required to meet with the Student Progress Committee for professionalism evaluation.
  3. Any student who fails to complete the assignments within three weeks following the end of the quarter will receive a failing grade for the clinical rotation and will be required to meet with the student progress committee. In rare circumstances, the Program Director may authorize an extended period of time for an incomplete (I) course grade to be remediated.
  4. Any student who fails their first or second EOR exam will have an incomplete until they complete remediation. Failure of a 3rd EOR exam or more constitutes a failed course. Refer to the specific clinical syllabus and Appendix E for additional details and how this applies differently to students on academic alert.

Incomplete grade in a clinical rotation due to an approved extended absence:

  1. The Director of Clinical Education will convene a Student Progress Committee meeting, and an action plan for the completion of the missed clinical rotations will be developed. The plan must be approved by the SPAS Program Director. The sequence of the remaining clinical rotations may be modified and will be completed in accordance with the action plan. An “incomplete” grade may be assigned for the missed clinical rotation(s) or the student may be withdrawn from the clinical rotation course depending on the length of the leave.
  2. The student, Director of Clinical Education, and Program Director sign the action plan and it is placed in the student’s file.
  3. For any absence greater than 2 weeks, the student must make an official Extended Absence request through University Student Affairs. If a student must miss 10 or more clinic days, they may be required to make an Extended Absence request.
  4. If a student fails to meet the terms of an approved action plan, the student will receive a failing grade for the clinical rotation, triggering a Student Progress Committee evaluation and subjecting the student to possible dismissal from the School.

Incomplete grade in a clinical rotation due to failure to report to an assigned clinical rotation:

A student who does not report for an assigned clinical rotation may receive an "incomplete" for the course and be placed on administrative leave of absence. A review by the Student Progress Committee may be convened depending upon the circumstances and appropriate action will be taken.