To be eligible for graduation and to receive the Master of Medical Science Degree, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully pass all required courses and clinical rotations.
  • Successfully complete the Master's Capstone Project and Presentation.
  • Pass a comprehensive, multi-faceted summative exam assessing the student’s acquisition of the Graduate Learning Outcomes and competencies for PA Clinical Practice.
  • Be recommended for conferral of the degree of Master of Medical Science by the SPAS Program Director.
  • Settle all financial accounts with the University.

If a student has not met all graduation requirements, the student may be eligible to walk through and participate in the graduation ceremony with their class, but will not receive a diploma until all requirements have been met.

Note on licensure: Meeting the graduation requirements for the MMS degree at the SPAS at MBKU does not guarantee eligibility for state licensure. Some states have specialized requirements or exclusion criteria for licensure, and students are advised to check with the Medical or PA Board in states of possible residency for licensure requirements.