Ethical Misconduct

  1. Students are required to follow the MBKU Code of Conduct and all other University policies including Title IX. Students are also required to follow all School of PA Studies policies including the PA Profession Code of Ethics, the SPAS Professional Performance Policy, SPAS attendance policies, and SPAS Exam policies.
  2. Violations of any of these policies may result in the dismissal of a student. If such a violation occurs while a student is on a clinical rotation, the student may be removed from the rotation pending a review.
  3. Any faculty member, course instructor, clinical preceptor, or other individual responsible for overseeing students’ behavior should immediately notify the Director of Didactic Education or the Assistant Director of Clinical Education as appropriate of a potential violation. The person making the accusation must be willing to explain the problem in writing and participate in the review process as required.
  4. The Director of Didactic or Assistant Director of Clinical Education (or their designee) will either:
    1. Speak to the student directly to discuss the incident and/or their behavior informally (no SPC meeting and no sanctions); OR
    2. Forward the complaint/report to the University Student Conduct Process.
  5. If the conduct violation is referred to the University Conduct Committee, the Committee Chair will contact the student and conduct any investigation and review, including the final action plan and outcome.