School of Physician Assistant Studies Student Handbook

This handbook is a supplement to the Marshall B. Ketchum University (MBKU) Student Handbook and University Catalog.

MBKU Enrollment and Student Services publishes the University Catalog and MBKU Student Handbook on an annual basis. These documents include an all-encompassing compilation of University policies and other information pertinent to your educational experience at MBKU.

The Program Student Handbooks make reference to select MBKU policies within this document for ease of reference. Matriculated students are responsible for understanding and following the Catalog and both MBKU and respective Program Student Handbooks.

Please refer to the University Catalog for the following policies and procedures:

  • Compliance Statement
  • Academic Policies: Including Grading, Exam Policies, Extended Leave, Withdrawal, and Probation and Dismissal
  • Student Records Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Aid Policies: Including Aid Disbursement, Work Study, and Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Student Accounts Services: Including Billing and Payment Policies and Tuition Refund Policy
  • Admissions, Financial Information, Curriculum, and Courses for Optometry Programs

Please refer to the MBKU Student Handbook for the following policies and procedures:

  • Non-Discrimination Statement
  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Computer Use Policy
  • Student Grievance Procedures
  • Student Accounts Services: Explanation of Tuition and Fees, Past Due Status, Emergency Loans, Overpayment Funds, Direct Deposit, and Student Financial Responsibility and Collections
  • Campus Store Accounts
  • Student ID and Access Cards
  • Student Conduct
  • Accommodating Students & Applicants with Disabilities
  • Mental Health Counseling Services
  • Peer Advisors and Peer Tutors
  • Activities, Seminars, and Co-Curricular Programs
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Health and Safety Policies, including Campus Safety

Dear MBKU PA Student,

Welcome to the School of Physician Assistant Studies (SPAS)!

This SPAS Student Handbook outlines the policies and procedures for the School and lists additional information pertinent to your time and success in the program. Please know that the policies are subject to change. If change is necessary, students will be notified and provided with the new policy in writing.

In addition to this handbook, students are required to be in compliance with the MBKU Student Handbook. Additional resources and information may be found in the University Catalog, course syllabi, and the SPAS Master’s Capstone Handbook.

I wish you great success as a graduate student at Marshall B. Ketchum University. Enjoy your time as a PA student.

Allison Mollet, MMSc., PA-C
Program Director
School of Physician Assistant Studies