Course Failure

  1. If a student receives a “Fail” grade in one of the didactic courses in any quarter, a Student Progress Committee meeting will be held. The Student Progress Committee will develop an action plan for the student which includes the requirement to enroll in Extended Learning. See “Grading System” for a description of what constitutes a failed course.
  2. If a student fails two courses during the didactic phase, fails extended learning, or fails to adhere to the requirements outlined in a Student Progress Committee Action Plan during either phase of the curriculum, the student will be dismissed from the School.
  3. If a student receives a failing grade for a rotation or course in the clinical phase, the student may not be permitted to continue to the next rotation, and a Student Progress Committee (SPC) meeting will be convened to determine appropriate action. The SPC may require the student to enroll in Extended Learning, repeat the rotation, or academically dismiss them from the School, depending on the nature of the failed rotation (conduct, academic, etc.) and the number of previous EOR exam fails. For clinical phase courses, please refer to each clinical syllabus as well as Appendix E for detailed information defining a failed clinical course or rotation.
  4. If a failed didactic or clinical course is passed using extended learning, the transcript will show an “FP” indicating the course was initially failed but passed through extended learning. If a failed clinical rotation will be repeated, the transcript will show an “F” in the quarter it was failed and a separate grade will be issued during the quarter the course is repeated. Both grades are maintained as a permanent part of the transcript. The grade issued for the repeated course will be the grade used in determining eligibility for graduation.