Student Work Policy

PA students are not permitted to perform clerical or administrative tasks for the School. Students may be eligible for specific paid work-study positions with minimal hours, if approved, that do not permit access to student files or confidential documents. For example, a work-study position might involve organizing supplies in the supply room a few hours per month. Students are not permitted to substitute for or function as instructional or clinical site faculty or staff as clinical rotations are for educational purposes. The student is not to be used as an employee or compensated for their services while on rotations. Students with specific prior knowledge, experiences, or skills may assist faculty in didactic and lab sessions to share their knowledge and skills.

In general, students are strongly discouraged from working while in PA school due to the rigorous nature of the educational program. In the event a student chooses to work, they are not permitted to miss or reschedule lecture, lab sessions, exams, journal clubs, seminar sessions, or any part of their didactic or clinical educational requirements. The Student Progress Committee and/or the Program Director have the right to recommend termination of employment based on academic performance that falls below the minimum program requirements. This recommendation will be made in writing and placed in the student’s file.