Dismissal from a Rotation Site

The preceptor and/or site reserves the right to dismiss any student pharmacist from the premises if the student is believed to be potentially harmful to patients or violates policies and/or procedures of the site or due to professional conduct issues. If a student pharmacist is dismissed from a facility/site for any reason, then the OEE must be immediately notified by the student within 24 hours. Dismissal from an IPPE rotation site will result in the student receiving a zero for the midpoint/or final evaluation. Dismissal from an APPE rotation site will result in a FAIL grade for the rotation. All students that are dismissed and/or fail the rotation will then be referred to the Academic Progression and Professionalism Committee.

The Committee’s decision will be guided by evaluation and deliberation of individual cases, considering all relevant circumstances that might have led to unsatisfactory academic outcome for the student in the remedial assignment or examination.