Co-Curricular Policies

The Co-Curricular Program is designed to promote students’ development of their professional knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes. This program supplements the PharmD curriculum and facilitates practice readiness as students explore the field of pharmacy and advance their professional development through self-directed activities.

The Co-Curricular Program is comprised of several components, including class orientation programs, co-curricular activities and events, and an individual Co-Curricular Activity Log through E*Value.

Co-Curricular Activities and Events

Students engage in a multitude of co-curricular activities that are offered by the University, COP, student organizations, and/or other professional groups. Most students also engage in individual experiences outside the College. If a student has questions about what qualifies as a co-curricular activity, they are encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions and Student Services.

The College may also provide modest financial support to students through the Student Leadership Fund in the form of scholarships. These scholarships may cover registration costs for conferences, seminars, and other professional events.

Reasons for Co-curricular Activities and ACPE Update

The ACPE Standards 2016 require Schools of Pharmacy to implement a co-curriculum Program that goes beyond logging activities. The ACPE has requested that the assessment of activities occur in a manner that verifies the meeting of Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE) Outcomes across the student lifecycle. Furthermore, the current job market values the qualities developed through the co-curriculum; hence, this program will ensure the competitiveness of our graduates in the job market now and into the future.

Co-Curricular Activity Log and Reflections in E*Value

The Co-Curricular Activity Log is designed to be a personal record of each student’s co-curricular activities completed while at the COP. Activities are to be recorded with prompted responses. Students select a Center for the CAPE Outcomes from a drop-down menu that best reflects the activity and learning outcome.

The co-curricular activities are reviewed by faculty advisors with comments. If a student is not appropriately reflecting on a designated standard, then faculty advisors are to reassign the reflection to the student. The co-curricular activity will not count towards the student’s minimum of one per quarter if the faculty advisor does not score the reflection.


Students are made aware of the co-curricular requirements and deadlines for completion during Orientation (for incoming students) and in the first week of courses for returning students. Opportunities will vary each quarter as well as from year to year. Additionally, while a type of activity may be listed under several co-curricular activities, one activity cannot be used to meet multiple requirements. It will be up to each student to plan ahead, complete the required activities, provide a written response through E*Value, and have the activity assessed by their faculty advisor by the deadline. Students will be self-directed to choose opportunities that will enhance their development as a pharmacist and encourage their growth in a particular area.


Students will be required to complete one co-curricular activity per academic quarter and provide an adequate response for the activity via E*Value. Co-Curricular responses are due by midnight PST of the last final exam date. Please note, student responses will need to include three or four distinct CAPE Standard outcomes per academic year.

Yearly Progress Chart

Co-curricular P1 P2 P3
3.1 Problem Solving
3.2 Educator
3.3 Patient Advocacy
3.4 Interprofessional Collaboration
3.5 Cultural Sensitivity
3.6 Communication
4.1 Self-Awareness
4.2 Leadership
4.3 Innovation/Entrepreneurship
4.4 Professionalism
  • P1- Complete one per Academic Quarter (3 for academic year).
  • P2- Complete one per Academic Quarter (4 for academic year).
  • P3- Complete one per Academic Quarter (4 for academic year).
  • P4- Complete one per Academic Quarter (4 for academic year).

Plan Outline for Co-Curricular Compliance

  • The Director of Admissions and Student Services will email reminders to students at the beginning of each quarter. Students will also be made aware of opportunities through the University throughout the quarter.
  • Faculty Advisors will review submissions and provide feedback by the end of the subsequent quarter after the co-curricular activities are due.
  • Faculty Advisors will communicate students found to be non-compliant with the co-curricular requirements to the Director of Admissions and Student Services.
  • Failure to complete assigned requirements by the end of the quarter will result in a supplemental written assignment distributed and assessed by the Director of Admissions and Student Services. The written assignment will not replace the required activity and written response.
  • Students who fail to complete the required amount of co-curricular activities and supplemental assignments by the end of the academic year will be required to meet with the Academic Progression and Professionalism Committee (APPC) or be referred to the University Student Conduct Process.