College of Pharmacy Curriculum

First Professional Year Curriculum

The first-year curriculum provides the foundation for professional practice with instruction on pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, body systems and disease, public health, pharmaceutical self-care, pharmacy law, and the roles of the pharmacist. The curriculum also teaches US and global health care systems, interpersonal and interprofessional communications, pre-clinical laboratory skills, and pharmacy practice skills, and provides certifications in immunization and life support.

Second Professional Year Curriculum

The second-year curriculum continues to build on the foundation courses from year one with instruction on applied biomedical sciences, pharmacology, clinical medicine, and pharmacotherapeutics. The curriculum also teaches drug information, evidence-based practice, research methodology, biostatistics, pharmacokinetics, and the basics of laboratory medicine. Students may start taking elective courses in the second professional year. Students will begin Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) courses during the summer.

Third Professional Year Curriculum

The third-year curriculum continues with focused instruction on the principles of clinical medicine and pharmacotherapeutics. The curriculum also incorporates behavioral aspects of health, biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoeconomics, and special populations and contains a skills lab for clinical / evidence-based reasoning and certification in medication therapy management. The curriculum may also include a doctoral-level research and scholarship project and provides students an opportunity to take didactic elective courses of their choice. The curriculum also includes a North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) preparatory course to assess NAPLEX readiness.

Students continue with IPPE courses.

Fourth Professional Year Curriculum

The fourth year, also known as the experiential year curriculum, lists all the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) courses. Students will also take APPE electives of their choice.

Additionally, the students will be provided North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) preparatory course series to assess NAPLEX readiness.

4-Year Professional Program (Course List)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall QuarterHours
IPE 401C Professional Ethics 0.75
IPE 406C DEI in Healthcare 0.75
PHM 507 Found of Human Body & Diseases I 3.00
PHM 520 Pharmaceutical Sciences I 3.00
PHM 532 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 2.00
PHM 550 Pharmacy Skills Lab I -Immunization 1.00
PHM 560 Pharmacy Law 2.00
Winter Quarter
IPE 403C Population and Public Health 2.00
PHM 508 Found of Human Body & Diseases II 3.00
PHM 512 Patient Assessment Lab 2.00
PHM 523 Basic Pharmacokinetics 3.50
PHM 553 Pharmacy Skills Lab II - Community 2.00
Spring Quarter
PHM 509 Found of Human Body & Diseases III 2.00
PHM 521 Pharmaceutical Sciences II 3.50
PHM 522 Pharmaceutical Sciences III 4.00
PHM 554 Pharmacy Skills Lab III - Hospital 2.00
PHM 561 Pharmacy Self-Care I 2.00
PHM 581 Medical Spanish 1.00
Second Year
Summer Quarter
PHM 650 Pharmaceutical Self Care & P Ad II 2.00
PHM 670 IPPE I (4 weeks) 4.00
Fall Quarter
PHM 601 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics I (ANS) 5.00
PHM 602 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics II (Renal) 5.00
PHM 622 Advanced Compounding & Calculations 2.00
PHM 640 Pharmacy Skills Lab IV -PT Care Pro 1.00
PHM 651 Pharmaceutical Self Care & P Ad III 2.00
IPE 400C Medical Spanish 1 2.00
PHM 780 Mental Health First Aid 1 1.00
PHM 790 Residency Readiness 1 1.00
Winter Quarter
IPE 402C Evidence-Based Practice 2.00
PHM 603 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics III (GI) 5.00
PHM 604 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics IV (Cardio) 6.00
PHM 641 Pharmacy Skills Lab V - Cardio 1.00
PHM 782 Research 1 2.00
IPE 405C Preventing Burnout (IPE) 1.00
Spring Quarter
PHM 605 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics V (Endocrine/Respiratory) 6.00
PHM 606 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics VI (GU/CNS) 5.00
PHM 610 Drug Info, Informatics & Lit Eval 3.00
PHM 615 Adv Applications in Clin Prac I 1.00
PHM 681 Research & Scholarship 2.00
PHM 789 Pract Apps Stat & Research Design 1 2.00
Third Year
Summer Quarter
PHM 701 Pharmacoeconomics 2.00
PHM 770 IPPE II (4weeks) 4.00
Fall Quarter
PHM 710 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics VII (Psych) 5.00
PHM 730 Pharmacy Skills Lab VI - Diabetes 1.00
PHM 716 Integrated Pharmacotherapeutic VIII 3.00
IPE 400C Medical Spanish 1 2.00
PHM 794 Advance Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) 1 2.00
PHM 790 Residency Readiness 1 1.00
PHM 780 Mental Health First Aid 1.00
Winter Quarter
PHM 712 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics IX (ID) 6.00
PHM 713 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics X (ID, etc.) 5.00
PHM 731 Pharmacy Skills Lab VII -Med Therap 1.00
PHM 740 Biotechnology, Pharm, Precision Med 3.00
PHM 782 Research 1 2.00
PHM 792 Applications Research & Scholarship 1 1.00
IPE 405C Preventing Burnout (IPE) 1 1.00
Spring Quarter
IPE 404C Interprofessional Case Conferences 0.75
PHM 714 Int. Pharmacotherapeutics XI (Oncology) 5.00
PHM 715 Adv Applications in Clin Prac II 2.00
PHM 760 Special Populations 2.00
PHM 765 Emerging Iss & Practice Read Exam 4.00
PHM 786 Adv. Topics in Infectious Diseases 1 2.00
PHM 789 Pract Apps Stat & Research Design 1 2.00
Fourth Year
Fall Quarter
PHM 801 APPE: Community Pharmacy Practice 6.00
PHM 802 APPE: Health System Pharmacy 6.00
PHM 803 APPE: Inpatient/Acute Care Gen Med 6.00
PHM 804 APPE: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy 6.00
PHM 805 APPE: Elective Rotation I 6.00
PHM 806 APPE: Elective Rotation II 6.00
PHM 865A NAPLEX Capstone I 0.25
PHM 865B NAPLEX Capstone II 0.25
PHM 865C NAPLEX Capstone III 0.25
PHM 865D NAPLEX Capstone IV 2.00
 Total Hours197

Elective Courses

First Year: 39.5
Second Year: 50
Third Year: 45.75
Fourth Year: 38.75

Total Required Credits: 174 units2


186 does not include 6 units of electives

For information on the IPPEs and APPEs, refer to the Office of Experiential Education (OEE) Manual.