Student Involvement

Student Government Association

Please refer to the Student Government section of the University Student Handbook. All Student Government Association officers must be in good academic standing for the duration of the term of office.

Student Organizations

Approval and recognition will be given to organizations dedicated to the advancement of the pharmacy profession. The students seeking group recognition must complete a petition for recognition that includes the organization’s goals, proposed charter, by-laws, and a list of charter members. Students seeking assistance with starting a new organization should refer to the Student Government Association Handbook, located on Presence, or contact the Director of Admissions and Student Services.

Student Participation on College of Pharmacy Committees

College of Pharmacy committee membership affords students an opportunity to impact the direction of the College and their own educational experience. There are several faculty and administrative committees comprised of faculty and student representatives that make recommendations to the Administration on University and College matters. Students are encouraged to participate in committees. If interested in serving on a COP committee, contact the Director of Admissions and Student Services for opportunity details. All students participating on any COP committee must not be on academic or professional probation.