Student Government

The mission of the MBKU Student Government Association (SGA) government is to advocate on behalf of the entire student body with the goals of enhancing the quality of education and student life on campus, to foster a sense of community within the University and advance the growth of interprofessional relationships in accordance with the evolving needs of today’s healthcare.

Annually, each class elects their own class cabinet positions (which vary between the Programs), as well as SGA officers to represent the student body (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and committee chairs, and committee positions). Each class is free to maintain its own voluntary organization and treasury for social and other extracurricular functions under the supervision of the SGA. Class cabinet elections are held in the fall for every first-year class and in the spring for upper-level classes.

SGA is ultimately managed by the University Student Executive Council (USEC) which is comprised of the elected SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the class presidents from each class, and the committee chairs. SGA meetings occur once per month during the academic year and all MBKU students are welcome to attend as observers. Only USEC members may participate in the meeting.

Students are charged an annual Student Association fee which is split two ways:

  1. $45 goes directly into each class cabinet account and
  2. $70 is collected by the MBKU Student Government Association for campus programming and other initiatives.

Each class cabinet is free to maintain their budget as they see fit – any unspent funds roll into the next year. Once the class graduates, the account is closed, and any money left is reabsorbed by the SGA. The SGA budget is maintained by USEC under the supervision of the SGA Treasurer. For more information, reference the Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws documents on Presence.

More information regarding official documents for the Student Government Association (including constitutions and bylaws for all clubs and organizations), a list of student organizations, the Student Government Association Handbook, meeting minutes and events calendars are located on Presence.

The following policies and procedures can be found in the SGA Handbook:

  • Funding & Financial Management
  • Event Planning & Scheduling
  • Fundraising Policy
  • Alcohol at Student Events
  • Establishing a New Student Organization