Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center, located in the Low Student Union is provided to give students a place to study, socialize, and/or relax between classes/labs. Refrigerators and microwaves are available, and the lounge is furnished with a variety of tables, chairs, booths, sofas, and a television for comfort. Pool, ping pong tables, paddles, and other games are provided as well.

A micro-market run by a third-party company provides a wide selection of healthy food and snacks including a variety of chips, candy, protein bars, sandwiches, breakfast items, milk, juices, assorted energy drinks, coffee, sodas, and water. The market also sells Keurig pods for use in their provided machines.

Payments may be made with an app, debit/credit card, Apple Pay, or USConnect card. The app is through Additionally, you can load funds on the USConnect card located at the kiosk of the micro-market. Keep in mind that while the kiosk will accept cash for loading funds, it will not give change. Machines accept cash or debit/credit cards. For any issues with machines or vending suggestions, contact the Campus Store Manager.

The Low Student Union is open every day to all students, faculty, staff, and guests. Each person is asked to make a special effort to leave the room in better condition than they found it. Please observe the following rules and regulations:

  1. Respect each other and take care of the equipment, furniture, and appliances. Return all equipment to the storage area if no one else is next in line. Cover any equipment if a cover is available.
  2. Any event sponsored by a campus organization that is in the Student Recreation Center should be open to the entire student body.
  3. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed on or near the pool or ping pong tables. All the equipment has been purchased with Student Government Association funds or donated and is not easily replaced or repaired. Maintenance is everyone’s responsibility. Refer to rule #1.