Wellness Development Certificate Program

The MBKU Wellness Development Certificate program is for students who have a desire to students learn a framework specifically intended for health care students to establish and maintain a well-balanced life post-graduation. Students will work on activities by reviewing a series of guides, podcasts and videos to learn self-care management to decrease the stress and burnout experienced by many.

The application process is open to all MBKU students interested in developing their wellness skills. Students email StudentAffairs@Ketchum.edu to request enrollment into the Certificate program. The “Wellness Development Certificate Program” Moodle course is used to keep track of program requirement completion and other information. Students who have fulfilled all program requirements are awarded with a Wellness Certificate at their graduation awards program and presented with a Wellness Medal to wear at commencement. In addition, students will be presented with a lapel pin that they can wear on their White Coats.

Program Overview

The program begins with students building a foundation for wellness then moves onto higher level skills. The last phase of the program gives students coping tools to use in specific cases or when in stressful environments.  Students will put wellness into action by participating in self-selected wellness programs (i.e., stress recess events) on campus.


There is no formal application process for this program - students may join the program at any time. To be eligible to participate, students must be in good academic standing with a "Pass" standing or GPA of 2.75 or higher. All requirements are submitted through the Moodle course.

Interested students may begin completing requirements at any time. Email StudentAffairs@ketchum.edu for enrollment in the Moodle course, which is used to submit and track requirements. All requirements are submitted through the Moodle course. All assignments must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to the student's commencement ceremony.