Peer Advisor Program

Peer advising provides informal, non-academic advice and personal student perspectives about life and learning at MBKU to incoming/first-year students. New students gain informed student perspectives on MBKU based on their Peer Advisor’s personal experience within their program along with formal training. Peer Advisors show a strong commitment to helping new students make the transition from undergraduates to informed, successful professional students who will be responsible for their own academic goals and professional growth.

Students interested in becoming a Peer Advisor during their second professional year may apply during winter quarter each year. Information is shared via email leading up to the application process and applications are submitted via Presence. The application process includes the following:

  1. a brief personal statement highlighting why they are applying for the position and what personal attributes make them suited for this role; AND
  2. any pertinent leadership and/or work experience should also be noted.

University Student Affairs conducts applicant interviews during spring quarter. Qualified students will be offered Peer Advisor positions. In the event of an abundance of applicants, the applicants are ranked, and the top candidates will be offered the positions.

University Student Affairs oversees and trains all Peer Advisors with input from Program representatives to enhance the students’ advising skills. They receive training documents compiled by University Student Affairs.

Peer Advisors provide guidance and advising during mutually agreed after class/lab hours. Advising can be face-to-face meetings or conducted electronically. Peer Advisors are valuable members of the MBKU community and, as such, are compensated as a work-study position.