Service Learning Microcredential

The MBKU Service Learning Microcredential is designed for students who want to make targeted service learning efforts on campus, within the community and their chosen profession. Students progress through a service learning checklist that combines videos and other resources, self-reflection and experiential learning opportunities which prepare them to be an engaged and influential member of the health care profession.

The Service Learning Microcredential is open to any interested MBKU student looking to supplement their health care education. Students who have fulfilled program requirements are awarded with a certificate of completion and presented with a Service Learning lapel pin to wear on their White Coats.

The program is designed to help students:

  1. Participate in a variety of service learning experiences and projects and create a personal definition of social justice.
  2. Formulate humanitarian values, such as being committed to current health care needs, social justice, engaging in social responsibility, and serving as positive change agents.
  3. Engage in controversial conversations and/or scenarios with civility and effectively convey thoughts and feelings.
  4. Exhibit self-awareness and self-authorship through service, show the ability to think critically about the root causes of issues related to community needs, demonstrate the ability to think reflectively, and constructively facilitate reflection and discussion among peers.


There is no formal application process for this program - students may join the program at any time. To be eligible to participate, students must be in good academic standing with a "Pass" standing or GPA of 2.75 or higher. All requirements are submitted through the Moodle course.

Interested students may begin completing requirements at any time. Email for enrollment in the Moodle course, which is used to submit and track requirements. All assignments must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to the student’s commencement ceremony.