Abbreviated course descriptions are presented in this Catalog. At the start of each course, students are provided a course syllabus indicating the course objectives and goals, a listing of required and recommended readings, the methods used, an examination given to assess learning and grading policies, and a statement of classroom attendance requirements. Please note, examination policies differ by program. Students should refer to their respective Program Student Handbook.

Course Failures

All course failures in required coursework must be successfully remediated or repeated according to the student’s Program policy for program progression.

  • Remediation
    Students receiving an F grade must satisfactorily repeat the course or a remediation program. Successful completion of a remediation program will result in a grade change of FP, FC, or FD, depending on the Program (see Program Student Handbook).

  • Repeated Courses
    The initial grade of F remains on the student’s record and the repeated course grade earned will also be on the transcript. Both credit hours and grades are computed in the grade point average.

Deadline for Final Grades and Grade Changes

Final course grades must be submitted to the Registration and Records Office by the course instructor no later than one week (6 calendar days) after the end of the quarter. All changes of a final grade after this time must be submitted by the course instructor within thirty (30) days of posting of grades by the Registration and Records Office. The exception to this rule is in the case of course remediation completion (see Program Student Handbook for details on course remediation, if offered). Change of Grade Request Forms must be filed by the course instructor.

Grade Definitions

A student's grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of units attempted. No grade points are assigned for courses that were incomplete, courses audited by the student, or any Pass coursework. If a course is taken more than once, the original grade remains on the student's record; both units and grades are computed in the GPA. However, the newer grade is the standing grade used to determine requirement completion.

Definitions of other grades/notations used:

  • "Audit" indicates that a student was granted permission to attend lectures in a class for no credit. Students may not audit laboratories or clinical assignments.
  • And "incomplete" indicates that assignments have not yet been completed. It does not refer to the adequacy of the performance.
  • The student's Program determines if course remediation is an option for the student. Successful completion of remediation will result in a grade change to FP, FC, or FD (see Program Student Handbook). A fee to remediate deficiencies and for make-up examinations may be changed.
  • "Pass" indicates credit given for satisfactory completion of a pass-fail course.
  • "High-Pass" indicates credit given for outstanding competency completion of a pass-fail course, typically a clinical course.
  • Some courses are taken over the course of a year, thus repeated each quarter. These In-Progress courses will be designated by an "IP" until the final course is completed.
  • "Withdraw" indicates that the student withdrew from the course.

Grade Disputes

All course instructors are expected to publish their grading criteria at the beginning of the course and to notify students if there are changes during the course. A student with a grade dispute should seek satisfactory settlement with the instructor teaching the course. If this is not successful, they may follow the Student Grievance Procedures listed in the University Student Handbook.

Grade Posting

The University does not permit unauthorized disclosure of grades. Official course grades may be accessed via the My Records tab of the portal.

Grading System

The following grades are used:

Grade Grading Points
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
D 1.0
F (Failure) 0.0
P (Pass) 0.0
HP (High Pass) 0.0


Symbol Definition
AUD Courses Audited without Credit
AUX Unsatisfactory Audited Course
IP In-Progress Course
W Withdraw
E or I Incomplete
R Repeated Course

Incomplete Grade

An incomplete grade indicates that assignments have not yet been completed. It does not refer to the adequacy of performance. An incomplete grade for failure to complete assignments must be removed at a time designated by the Instructor of Record; but no later than three weeks following the completion of the quarter or it will automatically be changed to failure unless an extension is granted by the Program Dean/Director. A student receiving an incomplete grade in a clinical course may have the completion of the work deferred for a period longer than three weeks subject to the written approval of the Instructor of Record.