Examination Review Policy

Examinations are part of a student's record (see Education Records); therefore, students have access to review their examinations. Students must follow the procedures outlined by their respective Program and/or faculty instructor for the course. In general, students are expected to attend examination review sessions if they are offered by a faculty member. If a formal exam review is not offered, students may schedule an appointment with the faculty member to review the examination. It is expected that students will not copy or replicate any part of the examination. Nor will students distribute any information from the examination to other students either in the form of actual test questions or in the form of tips or study guides. Any such action is considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. It is expected that faculty will make reasonable appointments available to students and allow students ample time to review their examinations in their entirety. Examination review provides students an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. While asking for explanations is expected, it is not appropriate to challenge the validity of the question. Appeals on exam questions should follow the Program-specific appeals process.