Audit Policy

Auditing a course typically occurs when a student is either encouraged to repeat courses that were successfully completed or has a personal desire to repeat these courses. The intent to audit courses is to review course information to enhance one’s proficiency in the curriculum.

To audit a course, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The student must be an active student with the University. If the student is on Withdraw with Intent to Return (WIR) or Leave of Absence (LOA), then the student is still considered an active student with the University. Students are not eligible to audit classes if they have been suspended, dismissed, or expelled for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  • The student must have completed all required prerequisites. 
  • The audit request must be approved by the Program and Instructor of Record (IOR).
  • Pay the audit fee of $50 per audited course up to $250 per term.

Students enrolled in an audit course(s) are not eligible to receive financial aid. Please contact if there are any questions.

Students may audit a course only with the Instructor of Record (IOR) and Program consent. Students may not audit a course if they have not completed the prerequisites or if they have previously failed the course. Student participation is at the discretion of the IOR. Enrollment status in that course may not be modified (i.e., changing from auditing the course to receiving credit for the course). Audited courses will be printed on the transcript.

To audit an eligible course, the student must complete the Audit Form and submit to Registration & Records at for approval. There is a $50 fee per audited course.