Master of Science in Vision Science Programs

The Southern California College of Optometry Master of Science in Vision Science program seeks to admit students possessing the qualities and motivation necessary for success in clinically applied research. Admission is based on an assessment of both academic and non-academic qualifications including; an application, letters of recommendation, personal statement and the admissions interview.

OD/MSVS Program

Students admitted into the combined OD/MS program are chosen from those accepted into the regular four-year Doctor of Optometry program. The application deadline for the OD/MS program is the end of the eighth week of the Fall quarter of the first year of the OD program (

MSVS Program

The full-time MS program takes approximately 2 years to complete. The MS degree can be a terminal academic degree or allow the student to gain more experience before entering an OD or PhD program. The program gives the student the opportunity to improve their academic record before applying to optometry school, gain experience in the field of vision, and/or develop a firm foundation in vision research before pursuing advanced academic degrees. Applications for the stand-alone MS program are accepted throughout the year ( science/ms-vision-science-application/standalone-ms-vision-science-program).

MSVS Program-Part Time

A part-time MS degree program is available. This applies to current SCCO full-time faculty, or to practitioners who desire to broaden their understanding and capabilities. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

MSVS Curriculum Map

MSVS Curriculum map and learning outcomes