Preparation and Binding of the Research Thesis

The thesis format is outlined below. The general writing style and formatting of citations should follow the guidelines of vision science journals (e.g., Optometry and Vision Science). The binding of the thesis will be carried out by the library at a nominal fee. See the head librarian for this. A minimum of 2 copies of the thesis are required. One copy will be kept in the library and the second copy will be kept by the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies. Additional copies can be produced for the student.

The thesis should be copied on white 28 pound (or higher) paper (8.5 X 11 inch size) for binding. In the final bound thesis, three blank sheets are placed at the front and back of the thesis. The left and right margins should be 1.25 inches and justified. The top and bottom margins should be at least 1 inch. The minimum font size is 12 point. Page numbers should be in the middle at the bottom of the page. Page 1 is the Abstract page. Section names (e.g. Abstract, Introduction, Methods, etc.) should be in bold font and start a new page. Text should not be in bold or italics and should be double-spaced. The thesis should be single-sided. The student will supply all copies for binding to the librarian.

  1. Front Cover: color M13A (see Librarian)
  2. Three blank pages
  3. Cover page with signatures
  4. Acknowledgement page (optional)
  5. Title page
  6. Abstract (first numbered page)
  7. Table of contents
  8. List of Figures
  9. List of Tables (the format is the same as for Figures)
  10. Introduction
  11. Methods
  12. Results
  13. Discussion
  14. Bibliography – the references should be numbered as they appear in the thesis.
  15. Appendices – This section should start with a single page that lists all the Appendices similar to the previous List of Figures and List of Tables. The Appendices are numbered as they occur in the thesis (i.e., Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc.). The page numbers are continuous with the Bibliography.
  16. Three blank pages
  17. Back cover

SCCO at MBKU will cover the costs of binding for 4 copies of the MS thesis. These 4 copies are for the library, the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, the MS students’ thesis advisor, and one for the MS student. Any additional copies will be paid for by the student or their thesis advisor. The cost per copy is determined by the library (usually about $80) and this is to be paid at the time the copies are submitted for binding to the library.