Student Identification and Access Cards

In addition to the student ID number, all MBKU students are issued an Identification and Access (Access) card. All MBKU students and employees must wear an MBKU-issued ID Access Card when on campus or an MBKU-owned property. The card serves to quickly identify members of the MBKU community and provides you access to the campus buildings by swiping your Access card across the keypad.

If lost or misplaced, please notify Campus Safety immediately. A replacement ID Access Card may be obtained by completing a replacement form. The ID Access Card is non-transferable to anyone, at any time, for any purpose. Disciplinary action may result if it is discovered that the ID Access Card was fraudulently used to gain access to any card-accessible area on campus.

For your convenience, your student ID is printed on the back of your Access card. It will appear like the example below:

  • *1010XXXXX*
  • Student ID:  10XXXXX - Your student ID number is a seven-digit number without the asterisks and first “10.”
  • Library ID: 1010XXXXX - A nine-digit number that is printed and used by the library for their bar code scanning system.
  • When your student ID number is requested, please use the 7-digit number without the first 10.