Classroom Etiquette

The following addresses the expectations of everyone participating in direct educational experiences, either lectures, labs, or clinical assignments. Your faculty may have additional expectations.

Electronic Devices

To preserve the integrity and decorum of the academic and patient care programs, the following guidelines are in effect at MBKU and affiliated clinical teaching programs.

  1. Classrooms, Laboratories, and Library
  • All cell phones/electronic devices should be silenced.
  • Respond to electronic messages between classes and labs.
  • Unauthorized electronic devices may not be in any student’s possession during any test-taking situation in class or laboratory.
  1. Clinical Patient Care Facilities
  • All cell phones/electronic devices should be silenced.
  • No cell phones use in a clinical facility.

Food & Drink

Eating and drinking should mainly occur in designated common areas. When snacking in other areas of campus, be sure to dispose of your trash and be considerate of others. Not only may items spill and destroy or ruin the property of others, but certain fragrances may create an uncomfortable experience for those with allergies or those who are sensitive to odors. Please choose snacks/foods (and perfumes/colognes) wisely!

Please refrain from eating or drinking in the laboratory and clinical facilities, as it has the potential to damage equipment and be disruptive to the educational experience of others. Beverages may be consumed; however, we ask that spill-proof containers are used. Items such as medications, both prescribed and over the counter, may be consumed on an as-needed basis.