Student Health Policies

Student Health & Insurance

Campus Health Rooms

Occasionally students and/or employees need a quiet, private room to assist with a variety of personal needs including but not limited to:

  • Pumping/breastfeeding
  • Insulin injections
  • Migraine relief
  • Prayer
  • Emotional phone calls; a place to calm down/relax

Health Rooms are located on main campus in the Health Professions Building (#228 and #229). There is also a Health Room at Ketchum Health Anaheim on the second floor near the Multipurpose Room (#2122). Rooms are equipped with a sink, cupboards, and chair and are first-come, first-served. If locked, call Campus Safety. Additionally, room #228 is equipped with a couch and a small refrigerator for storage of personal medical/health-related items.

Student Health Insurance

All California residents are required to have qualifying health insurance coverage throughout the year. Residents who fail to maintain coverage each month, could face a penalty at tax time, unless they qualify for an exemption. Generally, the penalty will be $850 or more when you file your state income tax return.

There are several ways you can meet this requirement:

  1. You may be covered under your parents’ policy
  2. You may be covered through your spouse’s policy
  3. You may be covered by Medi-Cal
  4. You may be covered by a policy you have purchased for yourself

Note:  If you plan on going out of state over summer breaks or on clinical rotations, please make sure that you have adequate coverage. Not all plans can be used outside of California. Insurance coverage is an expense that can be added to your financial aid budget / funding. Contact Financial Aid for more information. In California, you may seek coverage through or

Accidents & Injuries

Accidents and injuries may happen at any time, so it is important to carry medical insurance. The University has protocols put in place for reporting accidents that occur while on campus and during clinical rotations. The number one priority is student safety. If the accident is serious, please call 911. Fortunately, most accidents do not require emergency services. Regardless of where the accident takes place, please contact Campus Safety immediately at 714.992.7892. They may help take care of the situation and call an ambulance if need be and facilitate their arrival on campus. Campus Safety will complete an incident report.

After the situation is stable, the student should report the injury to their program Student Affairs representative and complete a claim form. They will forward a copy of the claim form and all necessary information to Human Resources who will report the claim. If a student is injured while on rotations, they should please seek immediate care and then follow the procedure list above.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage may apply to a student who is injured during an assignment, including class, laboratory, or clinic and while performing a campus work-study job. The Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1) should be completed within 24 hours of the injury. This form is located on the Work Study page of the portal. For medical attention outside of California, call (888) 558-7478.


Entering students are required to provide the University with immunization records by July 31 which is collected by your Program. The University follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended vaccines for Health Care Workers, including the COVID vaccine. However, your program may have additional requirements. See Program Handbook for details.

Maintenance of Health Records

Student health records are kept separate from their educational records and are protected by FERPA/HIPAA. General student health records not related to immunization or tuberculosis tests, are confidential and accessible, or can be reviewed, by MBKU officials only with express written authorization from the student. Access to such files is restricted to the designated individuals and for limited purposes, as indicated in the written authorization. Access to student health information is granted only to the Program designee for the maintenance and compliance with immunization, tuberculosis tests, and health physical requirements. Limited health information (i.e., immunization and tuberculosis screening results), for the purpose of compliance with clinical rotation participation, is granted to the Program designee. The immunization records, as well as the tuberculosis screening results, are maintained and released with permission from the student through various third-party programs for ease of credentialing during clinical rotations. See Program Handbook for details.

Student Fee Reduction/Waiver Courtesy Policy for the University Eye Center

Students and their immediate family members are entitled to 100% fee waiver for all diagnostic service charges and may purchase dispensing materials (e.g., glasses and contact lenses) at a discount.

Fee waiver appointments are available Monday through Friday (excludes Saturday). MBKU students simply need to show their ID/access card to receive the fee reduction. If you would like a fee reduction for a family member, you must complete the Fee Waiver Request Form. Immediate family includes spouse, registered domestic partner, parents (and in-laws), and children (up to the age of 25). Approval must be obtained 2 weeks prior to the rendering of services and/or ordering of materials. Fee reductions will not be honored after the service is rendered or materials are ordered.

More information, including the Fee Waiver Request Form is located on the portal. You must be logged in to the portal when using the embedded link above.

Ketchum Health Medical Clinic Courtesy Policy

Urgent care consultations will be provided free of charge for MBKU students. For any additional urgent care services beyond consultation, there will be a fee depending on each type of service. Urgent care services available include a variety of on-site or external laboratory studies/tests, injectables; including medications and immunizations, durable medical equipment, and surgical procedures such minor laceration repairs, incision and drainage of abscesses, ingrown toenail extractions, ear wax removal, among others. 

Please call 714-462-7500 or visit Ketchum Health Medical Clinic in suite 2108 to schedule an appointment. 

Student patients will be informed of all in-clinic charges prior to treatment and payment. Specific lab specimens will be sent to external laboratories such as Labcorp or Quest with patient's authorization. Any external lab fees will be billed by laboratories to students’ individual health plans. Any expenses not covered by the patient’s medical insurance will be the patient’s responsibility.