MBKU Fitness Center

MBKU believes in the promotion of physical health and mental well-being for all students. In that spirit, a fitness center is available on campus. All current members of the student body (and employees) are eligible to use the Fitness Center at no cost. The Fitness Center includes lockers, showers, and restrooms that are available for temporary use while utilizing the facilities.

Use of the Fitness Center and workout equipment is at your own risk. MBKU is not responsible for any claim, liability, or demand of any kind because of personal injury, personal property damage, or any other damage resulting from or associated with the use of Fitness Center Facilities. If a piece of equipment needs to be serviced or repaired, please alert MBKU Campus Safety.

Fitness Center Rules and Regulations

  1. Hours of Operation
    The Fitness Center is open from 6am to 1am, 7 days a week, in accordance with campus hours. It may also be closed for cleaning and/or repairs. MBKU ID Access Card is required for entry.
  2. Lockers, Showers, and Restrooms
    The lockers are only available for temporary use while utilizing the Fitness Center facilities. At each visit, a key may be checked out from Campus Safety and returned immediately upon exiting the Fitness Center. Lockers are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Lockers cannot be reserved. A $15 fee will be assessed if a locker key is not returned within 48 hours.
  3. Dress Code
    Appropriate workout attire (e.g., closed-toe workout shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, leggings, etc.) must always be worn.
  4. Television Monitoring
    As part of the campus security system, a television camera is mounted in the northwest corner of the ceiling and records all activities 24 hours per day.
  5. General Rules and Regulations
    1. At any time, MBKU Campus Safety and/or administration may revoke Fitness Center use privileges for any abuse or violation of the Fitness Center, equipment, and rules and regulations.
    2. Participation and use of facilities are entirely at your own risk. MBKU is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Where property damage is incurred, the person responsible shall reimburse all costs for repair or replacement.
    3. The Fitness Center is for the exclusive use of MBKU students and employees. No other persons are eligible to use the facility.
    4. ID Access Cards must always be in possession.
    5. No food or drink is allowed other than bottled water.
    6. Be courteous and allow others to exercise in your immediate vicinity. Please observe a 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment when others are waiting.
    7. Wipe any perspiration off equipment and/or mats immediately after use. Replace weights and other objects to the proper location.
    8. No towels are provided. No bags are allowed in the Fitness Center – please use a locker.
    9. No personal workout equipment (i.e., Kettlebells, Dumbbells) may be brought into the MBKU gym.  
    10. Workout equipment is not permitted to be removed from the MBKU gym to utilize on campus.
    11. No chalk.
    12. Report any dangerous behavior or unprofessional activity by others Campus Safety immediately.