Campus Safety & Security

MBKU continuously strives to provide the safest possible environment for classroom, work, study, and after-hours activities for everyone on campus and at MBKU clinics. Personal safety continues to be of paramount importance and will remain one of the highest priorities.

Campus is responsible for ensuring overall safety and security on all University properties. Campus Safety Officers are available on the Fullerton campus 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Campus Safety office is located on the ground level of Building B next to the parking structure.

Each student, faculty, and staff member have been issued ID Access Cards and must carry them for identification at all times. Campus Safety Officers have the authority to check and identify anyone on any campus at any time. If proper identification cannot be provided and it is determined that an individual does not have business on MBKU property, the individual may be escorted off campus.

All members of the campus community are urged to help monitor and maintain the safety of campus. If students suspect an unauthorized or suspicious individual on campus or in the immediate area, they should call Campus Safety (714.992.7892). Please stay on the line until an Officer answers your call and provide details on the individual to the Officer on duty. Located in the parking structure and in Lot C parking area are blue light emergency intercom systems, which are monitored by Campus Safety. These emergency call systems should be used for emergencies only (e.g., not parking issues).

The city of Fullerton has a major university, multiple colleges, and various other schools within its boundaries. This makes the Fullerton Police fully aware of the constant activities on each campus and the potential crime that could occur. MBKU maintains a working relationship with the Fullerton Police Department and has always found them swift to respond to any reported problem.

The University has an Emergency Alert System to communicate with students and employees should there be an emergency. Students can enroll or update their information in the system via the MBKU portal. Once the student is enrolled, and in the event of an emergency or a high-concern event, a notification will be sent to inform the student of the incident and safety directions (e.g., not to come to campus, when to return to campus, etc.). The notification is distributed via text message, email, or voicemail (mobile and landline phones).

Safety as a Social Responsibility

At MBKU, we continually strive for a culture of reporting. It is not the responsibility of a few select people to keep the community safe – it is the responsibility of everyone to maintain overall safety. For more information regarding social responsibility and bystander training, please visit the Student Achievement Center Moodle site for a training video and additional resources on these topics.

If students see something suspicious on campus or have a non-emergency concern about a situation or fellow student, please report the concern via the “Report A Concern” form on the portal. This form may be submitted anonymously. This form is for reporting general concerns regarding the safety and well-being of the MBKU community only. Anonymous reports regarding alleged University policy violations will not be accepted through this form. University policy violations and/or grievances may be submitted to the VPESS (see Student Conduct).

Once submitted, the form will be reviewed and the concern may be investigated, if necessary or appropriate. If students include their own information, they may or may not be contacted for more details or follow-up. Due to specific circumstances and/or confidentiality concerns, it is likely the reporter will not be informed of any outcomes or resolutions.

Make caring a habit – if you see something, say something.

MBKU Campus Safety

MBKU provides information to the University community regarding sexual assault and other personal safety issues annually. University offices, such as University Student Affairs and Human Resources, may refer survivors/possible victims to local support agencies and assist them with reporting the crime to local authorities. The President shall take measures as deemed appropriate after due process and careful consideration with respect to any member of the University Community involved with sexual assault or any other sensitive crime.


  1. To annually update and provide information regarding sexual assault on the external MBKU website, in the University Student Handbook and the Student Achievement Center Moodle page which includes local referral sources.
  2. To assist any member of the University community who may be a victim of sexual assault, or other personal crimes, with securing counseling services and reporting the crime to law enforcement.
  3. To educate and train public safety personnel and individuals who advise and/or supervise students regarding prevention and the importance of support services for members of the University Community who may be a victim of sexual assault and other crimes.


  1. The University Student Handbook contains the complete policy, including its objectives.
  2. University students will be sent information directly and informed of any changes.
  3. Special flyers will be posted regarding sensitive crimes. They illustrate the need to seek out emotional support as well as the need to report the crime. In addition, pamphlets will be available regarding these matters in a variety of student gathering areas on campus and in the clinics.
  4. The VPESS maintains ongoing referral sources available to students. If a student reports a crime, the VPESS encourages the student to seek out emotional support and immediately provides the student with contact information for local agencies. The student will be informed of the option to report the crime to local law enforcement. If the student desires, the student will be assisted with this process.
  5. The Director of Campus Safety, or designee, aids the affected individual in reporting the crime. This person explains the process and, if necessary, escorts the student to the local authorities.
  6. If the crime occurs on the University premises, the Director of Campus Safety works with the local law enforcement to apprehend and/or prosecute the assailant.
  7. For additional information, please reference the Title IX: Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy.

Please be Alert at all Times

  1. Identification/Access Cards are issued to all students for identification and security purposes and must always be worn in a visible location while on campus.
  2. Purses, keys, and personal belongings must always remain with you (or in a locker).
  3. Identify all items of value with your name and if possible, your student identification number.
  4. Be alert when using school equipment. Help protect it from theft, unauthorized use, or vandalism.
  5. Keep your vehicle locked when not in use, and lock valuable items in the trunk.
  6. Check the back seat before entering your car.
  7. Report any suspicious activity or any concerns you may have via the “Report A Concern” formMake caring a habit… If you see something, say something.
  8. Always park in a well-lit area.
  9. Do not walk alone at night, get a friend to go with you, or call Campus Safety for an escort.
  10. Walk on well-lit paths and avoid shortcuts and dark or isolated spots.

On Campus Emergencies

All crimes (assault, thefts, vandalism, etc.) and accidents should be reported to Campus Safety. Reporting should be completed as quickly as possible after any one of these occurrences.  This enables the University’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness Management Organization (SEPMO) to review and correct policy to insure your continued safety. The Director of Campus Safety shall notify the Fullerton Police Department and a formal report will be completed for any major incident or crime.

Problem Contact Telephone Number
Accident Campus Security – Main Campus (714) 992-7892
Campus Security – Ketchum Health (714) 463-7509
Student Affairs (714) 449-7414
Human Resources (714) 449-7459
Police Fullerton Police (714) 738-6800
Fire Fullerton Fire Dept. (714) 738-6500
Ambulance Fullerton Paramedics (714) 738-6341
Emergency Only --------------------------- 9-1-1

Local Hospitals

Hospital Contact Telephone Number
St. Jude Medical Center 101 E. Valencia Mesa Drive, Fullerton (714) 871-3280
Placentia Linda Hospital 1301 N. Rose Drive, Placentia (714) 993-2000
Kaiser Permanente 3430 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim (714) 644-2000

Community Resources

When in doubt, call 911 or a local law enforcement agency. If using a University phone line, you must dial 9 first.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Agency Telephone Number
Fullerton Police Department (714) 738-6800
Placentia Police Department (714) 993-8164
Anaheim Police Department (714) 765-1900
Brea Police Department (714) 990-7625
Orange County Crime Stoppers *anonymous 1-855-TIP-OCCS (847-6227)

Hotline Support

Hotline Telephone Number
Crisis Prevention Hotline 877-7-CRISIS or 877-727-4747
National Suicide Hotline 800-SUICIDE or 800-784-2433
OC Domestic Violence Hotline 714-992-1931 or 800-799-7233
REACH (Reflect. Emerge. Act. Choose. Hope) formerly Center Against Sexual Assault 866-373-8300
National Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-4673
Rape Crisis Hotline 714-957-2737
Sexual Assault Victim Services 714-834-4317
Orange County Rape Crisis Center 919-967-7273
University Counseling Services 714-595-9700 or 714-992-7835

Campus Hours

Campus hours are from 6:00am to 1:00am, 7 days a week. Campus is closed from 1:00 am to 6:00am. Student ID access cards will not have access during these hours. During all other hours all doors are still locked but accessible with your access card. Exceptions to these posted office hours include:

Library: For up-to-date Library hours, visit their website.

Administration Building (Building D)

Days Hours
Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday - Closed -

The extended time in the academic buildings is to provide the time necessary for students to study and practice clinical skills. Students must yield to the janitorial service for scheduled cleaning. Safety personnel, faculty, staff, and janitorial crew have the right to ask all persons, including students, to leave the buildings at the above closing times.

A Safety Officer is on duty and conducts campus rounds twenty-four hours a day. Anyone desiring access to any classrooms or laboratories, for either study or practice time, at any time other than the times indicated above, must have written permission from the department responsible for that space and present it to the officer in the Safety Office before entry may be granted.

During weekends, the outside elevator in Building D will be shut down. Second-floor entrance to Building C (at the end of the student lockers) will be secured. Entrance will require the use of the ID access card that has been issued to you.

*Note: Regardless of circumstances, if a Campus Safety officer asks students, staff, or faculty to vacate campus, they must do so.

Campus Safety Escorts

If for some reason a student feels unsafe, it is late at night, and/or must walk a distance to their vehicle after class, MBKU Campus Safety will escort them to the intended destination. This service is available to all students, faculty, and staff to provide a safe and secure environment. For a Safety Escort, please call Campus Safety: Fullerton (714-992-7892), Ketchum Health Anaheim (714-463-7509), and Ketchum Health Los Angeles (323-234-1356). Stay on the line and your call will be forwarded to a cell phone if an officer is not in the office.

Clery Act

MBKU, in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (also referred to as the “Clery Act”), publishes an Annual Security Report (ASR) to provide its students and employees with an overview of crime that occurs on or near MBKU campus (including CSUF). This information is found on the following website: Click “Get data for one institution/campus.” Scroll to the bottom section and complete the “Name of Campus” and “Campus City” fields and select search. The full ASR may be obtained from the University website:

Firearms & Weapons

Firearms and other dangerous weapons may not be brought into or kept on University-owned property and/or an affiliated clinic under any circumstances. A student may possess self-defense spray but may not use it for purposes other than self-defense. For more information, please reference the Student Code of Conduct. Violation of this policy may be punishable by disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal or expulsion from the University.

MBKU Safety Officers carry firearms on MBKU campuses to increase our ability to respond to unsafe situations caused by potential threats of violence. No other exception regarding firearm licensure will be allowed.

Non-MBKU Guest Policy

Student guests are welcome on campus. Due to liability issues, guests may not use the Fitness Center. Policies related to computer and facility use apply to student guests as to all other members of the University community.

Campus Safety continually maintains a log of all guests and their MBKU escorts. This is to make sure all non-MBKU persons on campus have been authorized for campus access and to have an accurate campus headcount if an emergency were to occur. MBKU students who have a minor child, relative, friend or other guest visit them on campus must register them with Campus Safety and Security prior to their arrival. MBKU students must be the minor’s parent/guardian OR have permission from the minor’s parent or guardian to be with them on campus. The student accompanying the minor is responsible for the minor’s welfare. All guests (including family members) should carry a photo ID, be accompanied by an MBKU-affiliated escort, and visit the Campus Safety Office (first floor of Building B) to check-in in person. Only if an officer is not available, call 714.992.7892 to contact the Officer on duty. Stay on the line – even if it sounds like the phone hung up. That noise is the call transferring from the Safety Office landline to the patrolling officer’s cell phone. For any permit and/or guest parking inquiries, contact Campus Safety prior to the guest(s) arriving on campus.

Non-Service Pets on Campus

Pets are welcome additions to many people’s lives. However, pet owners must be cognizant of how bringing their animals to campus could negatively affect others. Members of the MBKU community may have allergies or be fearful of animals. In addition, pets may cause unwanted distractions and disruptions in some cases.

Unless a registered service animal, pets belonging to employees and/or students are not allowed on campus. This includes outdoor spaces and within campus buildings and/or clinics. This policy applies to everyone at MBKU unless a specific exception has been granted. Students, please refer to the Accommodating Students & Applicants with Disabilities policy. Employees, please refer inquiries to


The use of the parking structure shall be at the permit holders’ risk. The University shall not be responsible nor assume liability for any damage to or theft of the vehicle or contents therein while parked in the parking structure. Authorization to park in any of the MBKU-owned parking facilities is given to those students who pay the parking fee. The student ID card/access card is programed to allow access/entrance into the University's parking structure.

Student parking may be ordered online through the portal  through "TRANSACT". No parking tag is needed, your parking will be reflected electronically through your MBKU student ID card.

Student parking fees may be paid on an annual or quarterly basis. Student parking privileges may be canceled within the first 10 days of the first term of the academic year to receive a full refund. No refunds will be provided after the first 10 days. To cancel parking privileges and request a refund, please email

Student Parking Lots

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. The following are the University-owned parking facilities. Only students (and employees) who have purchased valid parking will be allowed to park in any of these facilities.

Lot Location
Lot A Fullerton Campus Parking Structure located on Associated Road
*ID access card required for entrance and exit
Lot B Ketchum Health Parking Lot located at 5460 East La Palma Ave. Anaheim
Lot C Health Professions Parking Lot located off Yorba Linda Blvd.
No student parking before 5pm – Reserved for employees and guests only
Lot E UECLA Parking Lot located in Los Angeles
Lot G Joeun Church Parking Lot located at 2001 N. State College Blvd. Fullerton
Gate closes at 7pm sharp! Last pickup on campus is 6:45 pm.

Parking in Lots A (Garage) and C will be open to all employees and students starting at 5PM and lasting until 1:00 am, no current purchase of parking required. All vehicles must be removed from campus by 1:00 am. Vehicles left after 1 am are subject to citation or towing at owner’s expense unless special permission has been granted.

Temporary Parking

15-minute temporary parking is allowed for those who are coming onto main campus for a quick errand, if space is available. Contact Campus Safety at 714.992.7892 to request approval prior to coming onto main campus (Fullerton).  Spaces are limited and are based on a first come first serve basis. The 15-minute time frame will be enforced due to the limited spaces. 

Parking Guidelines – All Violations are Subject to Fine

  1. Parking is non-transferrable unless a group of students is registered with Campus Safety as a carpool group. If you have forgotten your Student ID card or are driving a different vehicle, stop by the Campus Safety office upon arrival and notify them. If you have lost or misplaced your Student ID card, a replacement ID card can be obtained from Campus Safety.
  2. Reserved parking is assigned to employees that pay a premium for the space. These spaces are identified by a “Reserved” sign. If someone else parks in an assigned parking space, they will be contacted immediately to move their car and a fine may be imposed.
  3. No overnight parking is permitted unless special permission has been granted and the "Overnight Parking Form" has been completed with Campus Safety.
  4. Having purchased a parking permit does not guarantee that a space will always be available. Should a student be required to park elsewhere no refund or reimbursement will be given.
  5. A weekly parking permit may be purchased on the MBKU portal.
  6. Compact spaces should be used for small vehicles only. Citation will be issued for oversized vehicles.
  7. Vehicles must park in the center of the parking space (not on lines), forward to the bumper or curb, and park head-in, not backed in.
  8. All vehicle information shall be current and/or updated with Campus Safety when a change has occurred (i.e., Model/Make/Color and License plate).
  9. 5 MPH speed limit is enforced in the parking structure. Any speed greater than 8 MPH is considered reckless.
  10. Only one car allowed through gate at a time. Attempting to enter gate as second car on another person's access is considered reckless and could result in vehicle and parking gate damage.
  11. Student ID Cards are non-transferable – do not let another person use your card to obtain gate access.
  12. No parking, unloading, or loading of passengers in the service and delivery driveway area between the parking structure and Building C.

Failure to follow these rules and regulations could result in a citation and/or loss of parking privileges.

Parking Fines

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $35
3rd Violation: $50
4th Violation: $75
5th Violation: Vehicle towed

Moving Fines

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $50
3rd Violation: $100
4th Violation: Vehicle towed

Reserve Space Parking Fines

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $50
3rd Violation: $75
4th Violation: $100
5th Violation: Vehicle towed

Permit Fines

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $35
3rd Violation: $50

Parking in a Handicap Parking Spot without displaying the proper permit or license plate

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $50
3rd Violation: $75
4th Violation: $100
5th Violation: Parking Privileges Revoked

If all handicap parking spots are filled on the MBKU campus, the University reserves the right to have the unauthorized vehicle towed to an impound yard at the vehicle owner’s expense, even if it is the first violation.

Parking, Unloading, and Loading of Passengers in the posted No Parking in Service and Delivery Area between the parking structure and Building C

Violation Fine
1st Violation: $25
2nd Violation: $35
3rd Violation: $50
4th Violation: $75

Jaywalking: Students, found to be crossing the street (Associated Road) illegally, are subject to a municipal citation by Fullerton Police.  Please make every attempt to cross at the nearest crosswalk.  This is in your best interest.

Bicycles & Skateboards: Students are encouraged to take alternative modes of transportation to the University. For the safety of everyone, riding bikes, skateboards or any other wheeled device is not allowed on campus.


  • Pay for parking fines on "TRANSACT".
  • Payment is due by the due date. Fees double after the due date.
  • Failure to comply with parking policies will result in your parking privileges being revoked for the quarter. No refund of parking permit fees will be provided.
  • Failure to pay fines or habitual repeat offenses will result in your vehicle being towed at your expense and parking privileges will be revoked. No refund of parking permit fees will be provided. If payment is not received the charge information will be turned over to Student Accounts Services for collection. Direct all disputes/complaints to the Director of Campus Safety. For questions, contact Campus Safety at or (714) 992-7892.
  • For appeals, contact the VPESS at least 48 hours prior to the due date of the violation.