SCCO Student Government

Student Organizations

All MBKU students are encouraged to form organizations and groups with specific interests and purposes. These groups provide students with opportunities for leadership, pursuing existing or new interests, expanding cultural competencies, and building interpersonal relationships. Engagement in organizations on campus enables students to build and apply skills in a team setting for the good of the community. All students are automatically members of the MBKU Student Government Association. Membership in all other student organizations is voluntary and open to all students except for groups where membership is based upon specific skills or achievements (e.g. program clubs, honor societies, etc.). Students seeking membership into an organization may attend the annual MBKU Club Info Night (held each fall), consult the target organization’s constitution and bylaws, or reach out directly to any organization’s leadership. Students can find information about all MBKU Student Organizations on our campus engagement platform, Presence.

SCCO Professional Committee

Members of this committee shall be the American Optometric Student Association Trustee and Trustee-elect, the California Optometric Association Student Society Liaison, and Liaisons to the surrounding Optometric Societies (based on student interest with a minimum one representative). Members of this committee in addition to the class presidents will function as the SCCO student government for SCCO specific concerns and will work with the Dean and the Faculty Advisor.

The AOSA Trustee shall:

  • Serve as local director of AOSA.
  • Serve as liaison between optometry students and the AOA.
  • Serve as the lead SCCO student representative at all AOSA functions.
  • Process the membership roster and dues.
  • The AOSA Trustee position is a two-year position, the first year serving as the Trustee-elect and second year as the Trustee. The AOSA TE is filled according their Bylaws.

The California Optometric Student Section (COSS) Chair shall:

  • Serve as the liaison between the SCCO student body and the COA.
  • Serve as a delegate to the annual COA House of Delegates, funded by COA.
  • Represent SCCO on the COSS Coordinating Council.
  • Coordinate COSS events.
  • Serve as the liaison between the students and other state optometric associations.
  • The COSS Chair is filled according to their Bylaws.

The Optometric Society Representatives shall:

  • Serve as the liaison between SCCO students and Local Optometric Societies.
  • Attend or delegate a student to attend Board Meetings of Local societies.
  • Encourage/promote student attendance to Local Society functions.
  • Assist COSS Chair.
  • Serve as a delegate to the annual COA House of Delegates, funded by COA.

Duties of Class Presidents

  • Serve as a USEC representative for the class.
  • Attend USEC meetings.
  • Complete reports of class activities for USEC.
  • Convey USEC information to the class.
  • Be the liaison between faculty members and the class.
  • Manage election for the class; second year officers also manage elections for the incoming class.
  • Perform other functions as required by the USEC and their respective classes.

Qualifications for SCCO Government Positions

  1. Each candidate must be enrolled as a full-time student while in office and must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (although MBKU may have higher requirements).
  2. Each candidate must complete an application that is released each year and receive clearance from the Office of Student Affairs. No member can be on Academic Probation/Alert.
  3. Any SCCO student government leader placed on academic or disciplinary probation/alert must resign his/her office until the probation/alert is removed.
  4. Students may hold only one position on USEC or chair one committee at a time.

Membership and Qualifications Program Committees

  1. The Program Student Committees shall be comprised of chairperson appointed by recommendation of the outgoing committee chair. The committee shall determine the number of committee members required to conduct business and shall have seats available to all eligible students in the program.
  2. The members of the committees will be elected as described in the Bylaws.

The Program Committees shall have the power to:

  • Establish rules for its proceedings;
  • Keep the records and transact the business of their specific committee.
  • Advocate for student concerns and present it to pertinent parties.
  • Be responsible for all funds apportioned to the committee.

The committees shall meet regularly, as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairperson, but not less than once a month during the fall, winter, and spring quarters, when school is in session.

Duties of Program Committees

  • Nominate incoming committee chairs by a simple majority vote of the outgoing members of the committee unless otherwise specified in an overriding constitution or bylaws such as the professional student association bylaws of the committee.
  • Raise funds by means acceptable to the University administration.
  • Supervise all activities conducted by their specific Program Committee/ Class.
  • Impeach committee/class officer members as necessary.