Professional Behavior & Expectations

SCCO Code of Conduct Procedures

All SCCO students are bound by the MBKU Student Code of Conduct as well as the policy and procedures contained in this handbook.

SCCO expects students to maintain the highest level of professional conduct at all times and in all aspects of their professional education. It is each student’s responsibility to maintain and monitor their conduct and uphold the policies of the University. All suspected Code violations will be referred to the University Conduct Process.

Standards of Dress

SCCO students attending lectures and laboratories on main campus are allowed to dress casually or wear navy blue scrubs. However, for some laboratory sessions and proficiencies, faculty may require professional/ clinic-appropriate attire. Please reference the Manual of Clinical Education for specific guidelines on this type of dress code.

Optometric Oath for Students

With full deliberation, I freely and solemnly pledge that:

  • I will pursue the study of the art and science of optometry faithfully and conscientiously, to enable me to ultimately practice to the fullest scope of my competence.
  • I will uphold and honorably promote by example and action the highest standards, ethics, and ideals of my chosen profession and will work to protect and honor the degree, Doctor of Optometry.
  • I will provide professional care for the diverse populations who seek my services, with concern, compassion, and with due regard for their human rights and dignity.
  • I will place the treatment of those who seek my care above personal gain and strive to see that none shall lack proper care.
  • I will hold as privileged and inviolable all information entrusted to me in confidence by my patients.
  • I will advise the patients that I care for, fully and honestly of all which may serve to restore, maintain or enhance their vision and general health.
  • I will strive continuously to broaden my knowledge and skills so that my patients may benefit from all new and efficacious means to enhance the care of human vision.
  • I will share information cordially and unselfishly with my fellow students and other professionals for the benefit of patients and the advancement of human knowledge and welfare.
  • I will do my utmost to serve my community, my country, and humankind as a citizen as well as an optometric student.
  • I hereby commit myself to be steadfast in the performance of this, my solemn oath and obligation.

Southern California College of Optometry Code of Ethics – Dean & Class

Dean    The fundamental purpose of the profession of optometry is to protect, conserve, and improve human vision. It is the ideal, the Resolve, and the Duty of each member of the profession to keep the visual welfare of the patient uppermost at all times.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    To enhance continuously my educational and technical proficiency to the end that patients shall receive the benefits of evidence-based improvements in vision care.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    To strive to make vision care accessible to all, regardless of race, creed, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, language, or financial status.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    To advise the patient whenever consultation for other professional care seems advisable.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    To conduct myself as an exemplary citizen, positively impacting and enhancing my community through my personal and professional service.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    To recognize the traditions and act in accordance with the ethics of the profession.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    Marshall B. Ketchum University is an academic community—a society where the pursuit of knowledge and skills is the common characteristic, which unites its individual members. I, as a member of the MBKU community, must respect fundamental human rights, uphold academic integrity, and must share the responsibility for maintaining an academic atmosphere conducive to teaching, studying, and learning.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Dean    The general principle governing academic conduct is the obligation to conduct oneself as a mature and responsible member of the MBKU community. I recognize cheating, lying, fraud, plagiarism, intimidation, fabrication, unauthorized access, unprofessional conduct relating to patient care, and other conduct inconsistent with these standards is not condoned. These expectations not only apply to me as an individual but also to my identification of academic misconduct within the community.

Class    I willingly accept this responsibility.

Being fully aware of the obligations and responsibilities which befall me at Southern California College of Optometry, in my chosen profession and with a concern to bring honor to the profession of which I am now a member, I promise and solemnly swear to pursue my professional studies and practice my profession in accordance with the highest ethical and moral code.

Email Communication

Students may choose to set up a signature line in their email. Students should not describe themselves as a candidate for their degree. The term “candidate” is reserved for students who have completed all of their coursework, with the exception of their dissertation.

The following is an example of a signature line for student use:

First Name Last Name
Optometric Intern Class of 20##
Southern California College of Optometry
Marshall B. Ketchum University
2575 Yorba Linda Blvd. | Fullerton, CA 92831-1699
Cell: 555.555.5555 (optional) |

For additional information, please refer to the MBKU Student Handbook Email & Communications Policy.

All SCCO students are expected to closely monitor their Ketchum email accounts as this is the primary mode of communication between SCCO and our students. Students are expected to check their emails twice daily, once in the morning and once at night at a minimum, and are expected to respond to emails within 24 hours of receiving them.